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Teacher Training Programme

teacher training program pakistan
  • Date: Sat, 12/08/2012 - 17:54
  • FLOW International has designed a Teacher Training Programme for its staff at the Rose School, near Gujranwala.

In June 2012, FLOW International launched the first workshop in a series of programmes aimed at training teachers at the Rose School in Tatlay Alie, near Gujranwala. This workshop focused on the violence-free policy which is going to be implemented in the school. In line with the UN’s Study on Violence Against Children (2012), we at FLOW International believe that each and every child must enjoy his or her human rights to the full extent. Children who study in a violent environment achieve lower academic results than those who do not. Children who are bullied will often be reluctant to participate in school activities. Such children isolate themselves from other children and lose interest in hobbies and after-school activities. Bullied children show signs of depression or may experience eating problems, and suffer from other physical symptoms such as headaches or stomach aches (UNICEF 2012).


FLOW International believes in implementing the following principles from the UNICEF, Manual on Child Friendly Schools: Our Classroom Golden Rules: We want our classroom to be clean and tidy. We want everybody to look after our books, cards and other materials. We want everybody to talk quietly, including our teachers. We want everybody to try to do their best work, We want everybody to be kind and friendly to each other. We want everybody to help each other and share. We want everybody to keep their hands to themselves. We want everybody to be safe in the school and playground. Every so often children need to sit and discuss these again.


We have implemented the violence-free policy within our own school ~ The Rose School and we have also taught this policy to more than 50 female teachers within the area of Tatlay Aalie with great success and understanding.


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