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The Rose Project - The Rose School

childrens in the rose school FLOW International
  • Date: Sat, 12/08/2012 - 21:11
  • FLOW International has opened a new school ~ The Rose School in a village near Gujranwala, Punjab which has now been operational since September 2012.

The Rose School - our story so far.

Our students:

The Rose School was established in September 2012 with a modest 21 students enrolled. Today we have 80 students enrolled and the demand for placement at our school is growing. The 40 boys and 40 girls are aged between four-and-a-half and six years – they are our hope for a brighter future for their country.

All our students are from very under-privileged homes indeed.

It is an honour for FLOW International to be working on the ground in Pakistan, providing the much needed education in a region where illiteracy levels are at a record high by global standards. We are delighted with our programme and appreciate the support we receive from Pakistan and Australia. Working together to achieve peace and acceptance is our objective.

Our program and facilities:

  • A Pakistani-based curriculum and all books - Urdu, English, Mathematics and Art.
  • Clean water throughout the day and a delicious meal at lunch time.
  • A wonderful and very qualified principal.
  • Nurturing teachers, a dedicated cook and school assistant.
  • School uniforms, shoes, socks and winter coats.
  • Medical check-ups in association with Shifa International Hospital.
  • A safe, clean and harmonious environment.
  • Emphasis on happiness and well-being.
  • An independent monitor who oversees The Rose School on a weekly basis. Col. Yahya is a very professional person who previously worked for The Imran Khan Foundation in Islamabad
  • Frequent visits from FLOW International's members in Australia.

Our commitment to nutrition:

We strongly believe that a healthy body is important for a healthy mind. FLOW International is over the moon with our small yet very effective food programme. We have a kitchen within the school and a wonderful and caring cook. Her name is Belize. Every day she cooks a yummy meal for all the kids and they show their gratitude by leaving nothing on their plates. Belize is enjoying her role at The Rose School. We hope to implement a breakfast menu very soon with her assistance.

Our commitment to health:

FLOW International and Shifa International Hospital in Islamabad have signed an MoU. This will enable us to work together ensuring our children will receive the best medical health checks within the next few weeks.


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