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The Clean Water Project

water filtration plant providing clean water in Thar Desert Pakistan
  • Date: Sat, 12/08/2012 - 21:08
  • Water Filtration Plant in Thar Desert, Sindh. A continued celebration of our milestones

FLOW International (Australia) in partnership with SO Safe Technologies (Pakistan) have installed their first Water Filtration Plant in Thar Desert, Sindh Province. The WFP project was completed on the 19th December 2012 allowing up to 6000 people per day to have access to clean water!

About Thar Desert

The Tharparkar Desert has a population of 1.5 million, mostly concentrated in 2,500 villages. Sixty percent of Muslims and forty percent of Hindus living side by side on the boarder of Pakistan and India are living in this region.

The Issues

Investigations conducted by different organizations have found over 80 per cent of the available ground water to be unfit for human consumption. Waterborne diseases are common in the area. Women have to take a trip to far-flung areas to fetch water for regular household use. Most of the Thar residents are peasants with an average daily income of only AUD1.00. The region has been abandoned by humanity and the village we are operating from? is indeed a devastated area, however these people are able to barely survive. It is sad state of affairs.

Our Challenge

One Water Filtration Plant costs: $18,500 which is a substantial amount of money to raise if we need to install more WFP’s. Sustainability costs: $200 per month

Our Achievement

All monies were raised in The City2Surf run in September 2012. FLOW International in partnership with National Foods ran for Clean Water in Sindh! It was an amazing day for everyone! FLOW International and National Foods Ltd do not charge any fee whatsoever to anyone for access to the Clean Water Filtration Plant in Thar. National Foods Ltd is sustaining the WFP for its entire life - time of 10 years -19/12/12 – 19/12/22. This means the WFP is checked on a monthly basis by a professional team from SO Safe technologies based in Karachi. Rachel Cruz has visited the site in Thar twice and has personally seen the Water Filtration Plant in full operation. She witnessed children drink their first cup of CLEAN water in their little lives. The men and women were elated.

Our Future Plans

We are not going to stop here. There is more work to be done and we are going to power on. Our 2nd Water Filtration Plant is already underway. FLOW International, National Foods Ltd, and So Safe Technologies are partnering a 2nd Water Filtration Plant in Thar which we hope to have up and running within the very near future. Once the location has been selected and funds are available – the actual amount of time regarding installation of the WFP is only 20 days. SO Safe offers a fantastic delivery time line. With continued help of our supporters we are looking forward to achieving our objectives - your help is much appreciated.


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